by Liz Markus
  • by Liz Markus

    by Liz Markus


    Original Artwork

    Edition 1 of 1

    Upcycled bus panel 

    Hand-signed and dated

    78 x 56.5 cm


    Liz Markus paints cool things she is interested in, often working on multiple, related series simultaneously. Her work is informed by her experience growing up as Gen X and influenced by the rawness of punk and grunge music and culture.


    Her process is intuitive but often inspired by continuing points of interest including dinosaurs, hippies, cavemen, socialites, witches, monsters, and fashion. She is interested in psychological repression versus liberation and as she believes the non-verbal mind makes the best paintings, sees her task as allowing the subconscious to guide her work as much as possible. 


    Markus uses bold and colorful washes of acrylic paint usually on unprimed canvas. Her technique and thoughts about art evolved from hanging out at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery while growing up in Buffalo NY and absorbing the work of the Abstract Expressionists, Stain Painters, and Pop Artists so prominent in their collection. 


    This piece was created to help further our mission of using creativity to help homelessness. 


      CIC 08050661