by Peter Tunney
  • by Peter Tunney

    by Peter Tunney


    Original Artwork

    Edition 1 of 1

    Upcycled bus panel 

    Hand-signed and dated

    80 x 77.5 cm


    Tunney became well known for his use of positive text as the central, graphic element in his work, repositioning already popular phrases such as "Don’t Panic," "Grattitude", "The Time is Always Now," and "City of Dreams."   His work has been included in exhibitions and private collections around the world as well as found throughout pop culture from the Wynwood Walls, dance clubs to top Billboard ranked musicians and their videos.  While stuck in traffic, motorists might find solace in his Grattitude billboards vs. the mass marketed advertisements for cars, legal services or the like. 


    This piece was created to help further our mission of using creativity to help homelessness. 


      CIC 08050661